It’s for School

Inspiration, Move Me Brightly

Need Some Fresh Ideas? One of the first things I do in any city I go to is find the closest museum and check it out. I prefer art museums, but any kind will do. Any decent museum will have something in it you haven't thought of before. Something new to think about....

Strange New Media

Yes! Adam Strange has a new website. He has lots of coffee and no plans to sleep. If you need a custom painting or responsive website, you came to the right place. Hit him up......

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This website is meant to act as an introduction to the artwork, music, and media of Thomas Adam Strange. This text is mostly here so that search engines will see the words “Adam Strange” repeated over and over with the words Art, Artist, Media, and Asheville near them. Adam Strange is an artist that can’t get his mind off of pop culture. This has led him to learn to write web scripting code (HTML5, CSS3, PHP, Jscript) and develop websites as a strange form of modern art. That last sentence was also just a cheap attempt at search optimization.