Adam Strange makes rap music. His albums are available on bandcamp. He is a founding member of the underground hip-hop group know as The Granola Funk Express (or GFE). He is an MC, producer, and DJ. He was nominated for a 2015 grammy along with Secret Agent 23 Skidoo for Skidoo’s album “The Perfect Quirk”. One verse on one song, but it’s still a nomination. A new album is in the works and will be available for download soon.He has two solo albums available at the link below (the one on the right is free to download, tell all your friends).

Adam Strange recently became way too interested in synthesizers and analog computer generated sounds. He is now busy playing with wires and solder while twisting knobs and writing code. He is working on three new albums and will begin releasing new music during the summer of 2018.





Here’s some videos